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welcome to marijuana tips and tricks
this is matt your host and today we’re
going to be discussing cannabutter
specifically three tips that you can use
to get better results when you make appt
Before we jump into the tips i just want
to mention that although we are using
the mighty fast
herbal infuser butter machine to make
the butter today that the principles
that were discussing can be applied to
any method that you’re using to make
your butter so if you’re using the
crockpot method or if you’re using the
double boiler method that you’ve seen
this making our videos you can still
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further ado let’s get started with our
first tip and discuss the ratio of
cannabis to butter now the first tip
that we’re gonna be discussing when it
comes to getting a good quality
cannabutter is to use an appropriate
ratio of cannabis to butter now good
rule of thumb to go by there is to use
for every pound of butter to use an
ounce of cannabis so if you’re using
half a pound of butter or two sticks of
butter you can get by with half ounce of
cannabis and you’ve seen recipes that
we’ve done probably wear with different
ratios and you could have reasons why
you may want to have less strong or a
more strong cannabutter but in general
for good-quality cannabis about one
ounce to one pound is going to ensure
that you’re getting a good extraction
and there’s a possibility that you try
to put too much of your cannabis into
your butter and the butter doesn’t have
enough fat to absorb and to infuse and
bind to the THC so you end up losing
leaving behind some of the cannabis and
then if you make it with two little
cannabis you mind
get the effects that you want so that’s
the first tip that i’m going to give is
to make sure that you’re using an
appropriate ratio of cannabis to oil or
butter and about one else part 1 pound
is a good starting point so now we’ve
discussed already about the ratio of
cannabis to butter which in this case
we’re going to be using a full out of
canvas and we’re going to put that into
a pound of butter which we discussed
before is four sticks of butter but now
we’re going to discuss clarifying your
butter now clarifying butter is the act
of creating butter oil which is
essentially removing the milk solids
from the butter and to leave just a very
golden looking idol that you like
popcorn butter that you probably is the
best way to describe it and the way you
do that is by heating the oil to the
point where the butter to the point
where the solids and the oil start to
separate out but and when you do that
what you happens what happens you lose
about one-third of the amount of weight
so what you’re going to end up having to
do in this case because we want to end
up with our four sticks of butter or our
full pound of butter
we’re going to need to start with six
sticks of butter because we’re going to
lose one third of our way to so when we
lose one third we’re going to end up
with the approximate quality that we
want to which is the the two cups of
butter or the one-pound but the reason
why we want to clarify our butter is for
a couple of reasons the main reason
probably is because it’s going to be
more shelf stable and so the butter is a
is not going to go bad and you can leave
it out on the counter
instead of having a refrigerated
constant you can refrigerate it and it
will stay for months and months
refrigerated but it will also be okay
for a couple of weeks at least on the
counter if you clarify butter so that’s
what i’m really really good reason to do
it and another reason to do it is
because clarified butter has more of the
saturated fats or more concentration of
the saturated fats that make cannabis
more bioavailable so not only would you
have a more shelf-stable butter but you
also have a little more
effective butter and that the
bioavailability of the cannabis is going
to be increased and it’s going to get
into your bloodstream quicker and more
so you will get better results from your
canvas now when it comes to emulsifiers
other we’re using here is soy lecithin
powder it’s also recommended was
recommended by the urban diffuser people
to use sunflower lecithin it’s a
healthier alternative to sorry if you
don’t like to soy products either kind
of less than powder that you would want
to use the reason that you might want to
use less than powder is because it’s an
emulsifier and you may have made
cannabutter before and you let it sit in
your jar for a while and notice that
maybe there’s some sediment at the
bottom like the rust-colored sediment
that seems to get there no matter how
much you filter it or that the top of it
is a lighter color than the bottom of it
after a couple of weeks is sitting and
what the soy lecithin will do is to help
homogenized those ingredients together
and keep them from separating back out
so that you have more consistent product
and this will be especially helpful if
you’re making up a big batch of butter
that you want to use over time and you
don’t want it to separate or if you also
if you’re making edibles for a mass
scale and that you want more consistent
distribution of THC from one animal to
the next and also in each individual so
that’s the reason that you might want to
use the soil accident and it’s an all
natural ingredient it kind of looks like
a k-tec looking to it and we’re going to
be using about a teaspoon or two inside
of our two cups of butter and you can
adjust the ratios as you need but that’s
a pretty good ratio for one pound of
butter or for one ounce of cannabis is
about two teaspoons of the soy lecithin
ok so we’ve got all our tips that were
used here we’ve we’ve made sure that we
have a good ratio of cannabis one ounce
decarboxylated activated cannabis here
to our one pound or two cups of oil so
that’s a ratio of 1 ounce per 1 pound
and that’s what we can expect to get
about the best our highest results from
there and then our second tip is that we
clarified our butter so our butter fire
that butter is devoid of milk solids is
just oil fat so that’s going to
hopefully give us a better with oils and
then we’re also going to be using the
soy lecithin powder so let’s get it done
we’re going to be using the old machine
here the herbal tea infuser machine so
an hour-and-a-half we’re going to use
the long-standing an hour and a half we
should have some really dank and butter
okay we’ve gotta butter made and I’m
just going to go ahead and put the
infuser here on clean mode get that
going it’s real simple i’m just going to
pour in some water was so bad anyway so
I’m gonna put this in the refrigerator
for a few minutes while this thing
cleaned up and then we’ll check it out
and see how it looks now once it
solidifies think it’s gonna be pretty
dark back in a few
once your butter is solidified you’ll
see that it’s going even added to a nice
consistent color and in this batch here
the bottom did not have that rusty
looking film that you get on and you see
a lot of other times because of the
emulsifier and the filtration and I’m
really happy with the results of the
butter that came out alright that brings
us to the end of this episode of
marijuana tips and tricks i hope you
enjoyed the tips and tricks i just keep
in mind when you make cannabutter to use
an emulsifier such as a soy lecithin or
sunflower lecithin make sure that you
use a good ratio of butter to your
cannabis in this case we used one ounce
to one pound or two cups of of butter
and that was clarified butter that was
another tip today make sure you clarify
your butter and you follow those tips
you’re gonna get great results again
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butter now so anyway thanks for watching
have a great day
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