Can Cannabis Be Good For Your Fitness?

Marijuana for fitness

Marijuana and fitness; most people wouldn’t use those two words in a sentence together. The typical stereotype of someone who smokes pot is lazy, unambitious; you get the point. But now, with more countries starting to revaluate their laws, more successful people are coming out as pot smokers. For example, Eben Britton, who played American football for six years in the NFL, says the “games I played stoned were some of the best games I ever played.” He also went on to say that it was also very beneficial for pain relief and recovery. So, you may think he is out of the ordinary, but he estimated that “over 50 percent, and it could be as high as 75 percent” current players smoke pot on a regular basis. So, in the most competitive sports league in America, the majority of players smoke pot? Who would’ve thought?

That being said, there are obviously some limits. For me, the benefits are all based off of the right dosage. If you smoke until you can barely get off the couch, its obviously not going to do you any good for performance. But, that amount is very beneficial for recovering, as it relaxes your muscles, makes you eat more, which can let you re-heal faster. However, I have found that smaller doses can be extremely useful for training and competing. One of the biggest stresses athletes face when they are working out is anxiety. Smoking a small amount that you feel, but you are still able to concentrate, is perfect. I am currently a college athlete who plays rugby, and I wrestled in high school, and some of the best training and competing came after consuming a little bit of weed. It relaxes your muscles and you don’t notice yourself getting tired. Instead of thinking about how tired you are when you are running or the crowd in a big moment, a little bit of THC in your system will make it so you are only focusing on the task, blocking out any other distractions. This only helps you push yourself harder, and therefore you are able to get more out of your workout. Nevertheless, smoking any substance isn’t good for your lungs. So during wrestling or rugby season, I stick to either vaporizing weed, or eating edibles, as it won’t negatively affect my lungs, which are crucial in most sports. I also would only do it two or three times a week, as it can start to drain your energy if you do it all the time.

So, as you can see, cannabis can be extremely beneficial to you in regards to recovering, training and even competing. Everyone’s body works differently, so find that perfect amount for you, and hit the gym or whatever you do that keeps you fit and healthy!