Coffeeshop Menu from The Stud : There are 16 different cannabis strains and 8 different hash on the menu. The highest price for a strain is 10 € and the lowest price for a strain is 30 €. If you want to update the Coffeeshop Menu you can use the Send Update button in the Menu section

Opening Times
07:00 - 01:00
07:00 - 01:00
07:00 - 01:00
07:00 - 01:00
07:00 - 01:00
07:00 - 01:00
07:00 - 01:00
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Reviews from users

  • rater / October 21, 2016 18:33

    delicious chocolope

  • Diedrick / December 14, 2016 18:04

    Best shop of Amsterdam, best price/quality nice strains of weed & hash!

  • stien / December 24, 2016 08:46

    Wirklich sehr nettes Personal & gute Auswahl an Sorten zu guten Preisen � Komme die nächsten Tage in meinem Urlaub aufjedenfall wieder ���

  • ibnu / February 22, 2017 11:01

    This coffeeshop is simply awesome. The weed quality is top notch and the price is really fair. Way better than what you normally pay in Amsterdam. The staff is super friendly and the vibe in the smoking room is just relaxed and chilled. Perfect spot to have a nice smoking sesh with friends and family. What i also love about this shop is how they are proud of their tradition. They have been there since the early 80´s. I think that speaks itself for how awesome this coffeeshop is.

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