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How to make Cannabutter with sous vide

For this recipe we are using around 7 grams of weed and 180 grams of ghee. You can use normal butter for this.
First you grind the weed and put it in a vacuum seal bag. The weed needs to be decarboxylated before we can use it to infuse the butter. For this we will sous vide the weed at 90 degrees celsius for about an hour. After this we will mix the butter with the weed in the same vacuum bag. To infuse the butter you need to sous vide the mix for around 3-4 hours at 90-100 degrees celsius. After it is done you just have to filter out the herb from the butter. You can use cheescloth for example for this. We usually dont throw away the rest of the herb. We like to mix it with pesto and eat it with pasta.
You put the butter in the fridge to cool it down and its ready to be used with everything.